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Community Language School Funding Program

Dear parents,

Similar to previous years, in 2016 Pushkin Lyceum is collecting data to enrol your child into Community Language School Funding Program run by the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET). This program subsidises the study in community language schools (incl. Pushkin Lyceum) which allows to minimise your study (tuition) fees.


Parents must complete the online survey via SurveyMonkey as per link below to provide relevant data to Pushkin Lyceum (collecting information on behalf of the DET). This survey includes questions about student and their mainstream/ day school details as well as some additional data as requested by the Department. All data collected will be treated and maintained strictly according to Australian Privacy Principles (2014) and provisions of Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Process for survey completion:

  1. This online survey should only take up to 5-7 minutes to complete.

  2. Survey should only be completed for children who attend primary or secondary schools (i.e. it is not required if your child attends Pushkin Lyceum however has not commenced study at primary school yet.)

  3. Families which would have more than one child studying at Pushkin Lyceum should complete a separate survey for each child, e.g. 2 children = 2 surveys. (Please note: you can use the same survey link multiple times from the same computer.)

  4. All survey questions must be answered in ENGLISH only.

  5. Once the survey was submitted, you will not be able to edit your responses.

  6. The deadline for survey completion is Thursday the 3rd of March.

Those who have no access to internet will be able to fill in the paper form (available from Pushkin Lyceum office starting from this Sunday), which will have to be returned to the Lyceum office by next Sunday the 6th of March.

We expect the most (if not all) parents to provide the data via online survey, and you only need to fill in the paper form IF you have NOT completed the online survey.


Please note: if you fail to complete the above online survey OR return the completed paper form by the above deadline, your fees will be increased (by $210) to match a default/ non-subsidized level.

Please let us know if you have any questions or require any assistance with online survey completion.

Kind regards,

Svetlana Zhevelyuk

School Administration Officer

Pushkin Lyceum

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